Chainsaw Reviews

Echo chainsaws

echo chainsawAn Echo chainsaws features a 2-stroke engine and Pro-Fire Ignition system enabling users to tackle the toughest jobs ahead. Every Echo chainsaw is produced to meet the requirements whether you’re taking down a whole tree, cutting firewood or even just pruning limbs. Echo chainsaws are enhanced with vibration reduction technology and grouped controls for easy access to all saw functions defining comfort and control at a higher level.

The chainsaws are easy to start, runs smoothly and has reliable performance for years. They are designed to offer a long, trouble-free life. Echo chainsaws are also certified to the highest level of optimum performance, as professional use and not just occasional, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Oregon chainsaws

Oregon chainsawOregon is the world’s leading chainsaw manufacturer. Oregon® sets apart from its competitors by providing products of exclusive innovations such as PowerSharp® precision saw chain system built on the chainsaw. Oregon makes product that meets all the aspects of chainsaw usage.

Their Oregon® 40V MAX chainsaw is especially designed with Lithium-Ion to cater toughest jobs. Whether you’re a commercial landscaper, professional arborist, or an industrious homeowner, this model offers long-life battery assuring you will get your job done. Since it’s a battery-operated chainsaw, it is quieter, runs cleaner and frees you from gasoline or cords troubles. Just pull the trigger and instantly it starts. Be sure you charge its PowerNow™ battery pack and you’re good to go!

Homelite chainsaws

Homelite chainsawFounded in 1921 and developed by Charles Ferguson, Homelite has been providing consumers with high quality and top-class performance products. In 1946, Ferguson’s idea to design a lightweight chainsaw came into reality as its first production was released. The electric type of chainsaw received positive reviews and news about it were spread all over North America. Since then, Homelite became a trusted brand and is considered one of the best among hundreds of manufacturers in the industry.

Over the years, Homelite had practiced producing chainsaws that meets any type of work. The Timberman20” is their leading professional chainsaw that is fit for felling huge trees and cutting large cord wood. Handyman can also find a Homelite tool for them, Ranger, with 16” chainsaw bar. It is best for cutting down small trees and for any light yard works.

Poulan chainsaws

Poulan chainsawPoulan joined the industry as an independent manufacturer. Later, they were obtained by a Swedish manufacturer, Husqvarna, and now a subsidiary of them. Most people don’t know this, Poulan being just a brand name for Husqvarna.

For years, Poulan manufactures chainsaws that are suited for the average household which are also built to last life-long. They produce great chainsaws that targets to cater the needs of the amateur market.

Husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna chainsawsWhatever your cutting needs, may it be sawing down old tree branches, taking care of your yard, felling big trees or do hardware duties, you have to equip your work with powerful chainsaws to get it done successfully! You need not to look more for Husqvarna chainsaws are right for the work. Checking online reviews of Husqvarna will only fuel up your decision to buy one since there are tons of positive reviews saying high quality and good performance of the products.

These reviews will aid you in choosing the suitable Husqvarna chainsaw for you. Reading all the features of each Husqvarna model will also help you in choosing. The features are important aspect for you to know what you are buying and whether they will meet you necessities.

Mcculloch chainsaws

Mcculloch chainsawMcCulloch are deemed as the standard in terms of chainsaws. Their products are designed to be secure that other chainsaw units are measured against it. McCulloch is a veteran American company that focuses on creating the finest chainsaws.

McCulloch provides the users an unmatched combination of compact weights and break-neck horsepower engines, which is how they combat with the market. With that, their products are of excellent quality status, offering the customers unparalleled experience when they purchase McCulloch products.

Craftsman chainsaws

Craftsman chainsawCraftsman is a line of tools under the Sears Company. Since 1927, Sears had sold several tools included on the line such as tool boxes, power tools, hand tools, lawn and garden equipment and various garage or work building items.

In 1927, Sears decided to hire Arthur Barrows as the head of their hardware department. Barrows thought of a way to set apart Sears from other companies. He thought of doing this through creating a brand name, which was “Craftsman”. But Marion-Craftsman Tool Company has been using “Craftsman”. Since Barrow seems to think that the name was perfect for Sears, he offered to pay the said company for the rights to use the name. Becoming in line with Craftsman, the tool have to undergo and pass thorough set of standards. The first tool to benefit Craftsman brand were saws.

Jonsered chainsaws

Jonsered chainsawJonsered produces chainsaws that meets different category of use. Whether it’s full-time forestry, part-time forestry or just occasional use, Jonsered assures they have one for the job.

For full-time forestry use, Jonsered have professional chainsaw models which are ergonomically designed for daily use. These chainsaws are hand built with powerful engines with fast acceleration and generous torque. With these features in hand, Jonsered ensures you’re buying a sustainable and dependable chainsaws.

Their Allround chainsaw models are fit for part-time forestry use. These have reliable machines that are designed to tackle various jobs. Available in different sizes, Allround chainsaw models are easy to operate and built with powerful engines to have durability for life.

Homeowner chainsaw models are best for occasional use such as firewood cutting. You can find electrically-powered, petroleum-powered and also lightweight chainsaws in this category. They are durable and resilient to the needs of the user and is built with balanced engine power for easy handling.

Ryobi chainsaws

Ryobi chainsawRyobi saws come in three configurations, namely: traditional-gas powered, electric and cordless. This enables you to choose the saw fit for your intended needs. Gas-powered saw is designed to provide more power and suited for tough use like felling a 20 year old elm tree. If you’re into regular pruning of tree limbs and shrubs, then the electric or cordless model is perfectly the best choice for you.


Chainsaw Reviews
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